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SharkQuests is proud to present a collection of signature adventure-diving safaris - built around the unique natural highlights of Southern Africa.

SharkQuests's experience running logistically complex adventure expeditions and the untamed African wild combine to present unreal opportunities for the adventure traveler - in the Sea, Air or on Land.

Who is SharkQuests?
  • SharkQuests is an adventure diving operator based in Cape Town, South Africa with a branch in the USA.
  • SharkQuests operations are grounded by our belief in eco-tourism’s potential as a generator of positive awareness and sustainable longevity for “our” natural resources. We’ve been thrilling the international adventure community since 2001 with our distinctive brand of African adventure.
Why book with SharkQuests?
  • With intimate knowledge of South Africa’s adventure environs – SharkQuests delivers on the promise of a spectacular African experience, for each of our clients.
  • SharkQuests’s flexible expedition structure allows for the most action and variety possible during your time with us.
SharkQuests offer:
  • Unparallel adventure
  • A rich look at Africa’s unique history and culture
  • Breath-taking scenery
  • Socially unique and entertaining atmosphere
Distinctive features of every SharkQuests Multi Day expedition include:
  • Social
  • Scenic
  • Historical
  • Cultural
  • Industrial
SharkQuests Success
  • High rate of success achieving our objectives due to the unique & flexible SharkQuests expedition format
SharkQuests Safety
  • Operating in the extreme sports categories for SEA, AIR & LAND, our safety record is 100%

Customized Travel Options

Customized Travel Options
SharkQuests has already established itself as a premier shark diving tour operator for Southern Africa. We have built up a comprehensive network of operators, lodges and resorts and are therefore able to offer you the convenience of a one-stop, tailormaking holiday service. We will take you right up close to the ocean's most vicious predators on unforgettable diving experiences... See up to 18 different shark species off South Africa's coastline. From the stormy Atlantic Ocean - home to the Great White Shark… Enquire Now!