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Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town

Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town

Tandem flights offer several choices – Motorised or free flying, affordable standard or longer flights, Lionshead / Signalhill or inland. Book with us and experience the “second best thing you will ever do”.

With Tandem Paragliding, you as passenger require no previous knowledge of the sport at all. The pilot will give you instructions shortly before the flight. It’s as easy as a few light steps forward (walking/jogging/sometimes a little run) and we fly! We are disabled friendly, having taken wheelchair-bound paraplegics, blind and deaf folks, children from as young as 3 and up to 93 years old. We fly passengers of 20kg up to 135kg in weight, so literally, almost anybody can fly with us! You simply need a good state of health – Good walking shoes – 1 to 2 hours of your time for a standard flight and a half day for a cross country flight.
When we are in the air and paragliding, you are welcome to try – the flight is a cheap introduction into our sport, so, if the conditions are good, the pilot will offer you the toggles and you can experience what it’s like to be the pilot and paraglide. We regularly show our adventurous clients how it’s done, as then they can even experience how to thermal the glider themselves with just a few minutes of “showing” from our part.

It’s amazing. Simple, easy, safe and for anyone! Those that are nervous get a gentle, slow ride. Those that request it, get aerobatics and a few G’s as we do tricks. We are not macho and are there to give you the flight of your choice.

Our sport is 100% weather dependant and we have gotten really good at judging weather. Our pilots study 6 – 12 different wind and weather websites every morning, thus accurately knowing the weather. Thus there are no time wastes and unnecessary delays. Trust us and we will give you a safe experience to remember forever! If we reschedule or ask you to come a little later, it’s for a good reason.

When booking, please try to fly earlier in your time in our great area, as the Cape often has “difficult” weather and folks always regret it when they call on the day of their visit and the strong SE wind is blowing. Our best advise is to try to paraglide in you’re your 1st days in Cape town and be adaptable with your time. Our whole experience can take as little as 1 hour of your time (and we can be in the air for 30mins of that!). Visiting the Waterfront, Table mountain and museums, cape point and wine tasting are all not nearly as weather dependant as paragliding. We fly 365 days a year, from sunrise to sunset (weather dependant). We will arrange a convenient and safe time to fly with you. Sunset tandem flights are a speciality of our company, but optimal flying is generally 9am to 2pm. Sunset flights are scheduled from 5 to 7pm (summer / winter).

At your meeting time, please remember to bring sensible, good, closed shoes (running shoes/ trainers / sneakers / takkies – depends on what you call them!) Mountain / Hiking boots are even better and any kind of sandal, Croc, flip flop, flopflip, or anything that flips or flops is NOT good. If you don’t have closed shoes, just tell us this and we have every size of shoe in our vehicle (from little feet to BIGFOOT!) Clothing-wise Shorts if its hot, or Jeans and a t-shirt with a windbreaker are the best attire for the occasion. We include everything that’s needed for the flight (Helmets and all flying equipment) as well as water, suntan lotion, snacks and refreshments. Naturally, its best is to drink lots of water and use that suntan lotion before arriving.

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Customized Travel Options

Customized Travel Options
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