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Shark Diving Spots

Southern Africa: Is rated internationally as offering some of the best dive sites in the world. Although there are a limited number of coral reefs, the marine bio-diversity is incredibly rich and diverse and there is the added bonus of diving with the world's most feared marine predator - Sharks.

Shark diving: Over the past couple of years, shark diving has been booming as a local eco-tourism initiative. There are many operators offering various services and expeditions, most trips taking the shape of:

  • Great White Shark Diving - mainly in False Bay and on the Whale Coast to see the Great White (divers are submerged in the ocean from within a metal cage) 
  • Diving free - usually more common in KwaZulu-Natal for diving off Sodwana among the less dangerous Ragged Tooth Sharks
  • Controversial: Fiery debates have raged about the implications of cage diving on sharks, the environment and people. Some claim that the practice of "chumming" (the way in which the shark is lured with bait that is carried many kilometres far, sometimes even to shores), attracts sharks to coastal waters where they may attack people. But the counter argument is that the use of bait by shark dive operators is much less than that used by commercial fishermen.
  • Strict regulations: All shark diving operators in South Africa have to comply with strict rules that govern all operations and despite the fears, studies have not been able to prove that shark diving is in any way a threat to people. Scientific studies have also NOT been able to link an increase in shark attacks with cage diving - rather it seems to point to population growth and the fact that more people engage in marine activities. Also: shark attacks increased on the same rate before cage diving operation started several years ago.

Whale Coast

Diving the Whale Coast of South Africa The Whale Coast is a scenic stretch of coast around Walker Bay in the Atlantic Ocean. It is dotted with picturesque villages that have become famous for shark diving and whale watching. Gansbaai Once a sleepy fishing village, now booming since becoming the… Read more...

St Lucia

Diving off the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park About four hours drive from Durban, this is without a doubt, South Africa's most exciting dive location: offering divers Sodwana Bay and Cape Vidal. St Lucia: This stunning reserve was declared a World Heritage Site due to the incredible biodiversity. It is… Read more...


This beautiful bay just off the coast of Cape Town got its name from seafarers, who mistakenly thought they'd rounded the southernmost tip of the African continent. It is well known for sightings of whales and sharks. Simon's Town: Just outside of Cape Town, this town also features the country's… Read more...

Bazaruto Archipelago - Mozambique

This string of spectacular subtropical islands is rated as one of the most beautiful places in Africa. Famous for pristine beaches that stretch on for almost 3 000km, the islands also offer fantastic diving. Bazaruto: The waters around the Bazaruto Archipelago have been declared a marine conservation area. Totalling some… Read more...

Aliwal Shoal - South Africa

One of the most popular diving sites in South Africa, the Aliwal Shoal lies just off the coast of Umkomaas, a small coastal town on the warm, subtropical KwaZulu-Natal coast. The reef got its name from a ship by this name, which almost collided with the reef in 1850. Its… Read more...

Customized Travel Options

Customized Travel Options
SharkQuests has already established itself as a premier shark diving tour operator for Southern Africa. We have built up a comprehensive network of operators, lodges and resorts and are therefore able to offer you the convenience of a one-stop, tailormaking holiday service. We will take you right up close to the ocean's most vicious predators on unforgettable diving experiences... See up to 18 different shark species off South Africa's coastline. From the stormy Atlantic Ocean - home to the Great White Shark… Enquire Now!